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Tastants as Part of Your Weight Loss Plans

Weight loss plans should include getting the most flavor out of your food. Low calorie and calorie-free seasonings and sweeteners are a suggested way to help you feel fuller faster and decrease the amount you eat according to one U.S. study.

“Tastants” such as those used in the Sensa Sprinkles Diet, are substances that can stimulate the sense of taste and when added to food increases appeal and satisfaction of the food increases. That suggests this may be a new way to help people lose weight.

A study which of 2,436 overweight or obese people were asked to sprinkle a variety of savory (cheddar cheese, onion, horseradish, ranch dressing, taco, and parmesan) or sweet crystals (cocoa, spearmint, banana, strawberry, raspberry and malt )on their food before eating their meals. They used the salt-free savory crystals on salty foods and used the sugar-free sweet crystals on sweet or neutral-tasting foods. The participants didn’t know what the flavors of the crystals were, other than salty or sweet.

A control group of 100 people didn’t use tastants. Both groups continued their normal diet and exercise habits during the study.

The treatment group had an average weight of 208 pounds and an average body mass index (BMI) of 34, which is considered obese. After six months, the 1,436 people in the treatment group who completed the study lost an average of 30.5 pounds, and their BMI decreased by an average of five points.

In the control group, the average weight loss was two pounds, and the average BMI decrease was 0.3.

Dr. Alan Hirsh, founder and neurologic director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago suggest possible reasons for successful weight loss plan:

There are a whole host of reasons why tastants would work, but the best hypothesis is that these powerful smells and tastes acted to enhance sensory-specific satiety.

The people in the treatment group may have had more successful and lose weight than those in the control group, because the tastants made them feel full faster, and they ate less.

Another possibility is that the tastants improved the flavor of bland but healthy foods such as tofu and some vegetables, resulting in healthier eating habits.

Sniffing food before you eat it, chew each mouthful for at least 20 seconds, and picking low-calorie foods and seasoning them may make your weight loss plan a success. As well, people recovering in an eating disorder treatment facility have found tastants a viable part of their treatment.

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